What to do on this page that will really help Patriot Road!

Below is a pretty complete list of all the radio stations that play Texas artists. As a rule, these stations play what people want to hear, since they have never heard of Patriot Road, we need you to tell them about us and more importantly, ask them to play "Young Love," the new single.

They may not have the single, so email or tell them they can get it from CDTex.com as it just came out.

As you can see, Young Love is the No. 2 most downloaded single by Texas radio stations and there is a great chance they do have it, if they don't ask nicely if they will go get it and play it for you.

They all know about CDTex, it has been a radio single distributor for more than 20 years and are very good at what they do.

Below is a complete list and a way to contact each station. Pick 1, pick 10 but follow through with your request as far as you can. Hopefully, your request will be honored and the best-case scenario is they play the new song and add it in their rotation for awhile.

It takes you guys, you are all amazing friends, family and fans and we appreciate all the help you can give us.

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