A Blast from the Past

In a band long, long ago... The Original Redneck Jedi CDs

Defiance Cover.png


The 6 Song EP that started it all. Defiance.

Unplugged & Underground CD Cover.jpg


Redneck Jedi unplugged and in a cave. Seriously cool.

Black & White CD Cover.jpg


The 2008 Full Length Studio recording from Fire Station Studios.

Freedom CD Cover.jpg


The Third and final CD from Redneck Jedi, Freedom.

Too Defiant CD Cover.jpg


An on going collection of great music that never found a home.

Live Grand Stafford.jpg


Redneck Jedi reimagined with this live recording in Bryan.

Road Runner CD Cover.jpg


The second full length CD from Redneck Jedi, Road Runner.